High-quality nurses programme

We are proud to announce the 2021 edition of the ERUS-EAUN Robotic Urology Nursing Meeting in Dusseldorf. By collaborating with EAU and ERUS with a high standard in urological care we are able to provide an educational platform based on best practice. There is no harmonised training for nurses and RNFAs at this moment and this meeting aims to fill this gap with a high-quality nurses programme.

The aim of the ERUS-EAUN Robotic Urology Nursing Meeting is to become the educational platform for OR nurses and RNFAs working in robot-assisted urology surgery.  The programme will include the latest research in our field of expertise and also look ahead at what the future will bring.

The meeting will offer theoretical in-depth knowledge and will discuss many practical aspects that are important for nurses working in robot-assisted urology surgery.

  • Increase the understanding of the bedside role of the nurse in the operating room
  • Offer extensive in-depth knowledge of the most common urologic procedures such as prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer as performed today
  • Deepen the knowledge of the patient´s pathway from diagnosis to surgery
  • Increase awareness of the importance of having the right competences in the operating room
  • Define the role of the operating room nurse in robotic surgery
  • Enable the participant to take part in discussions how to handle minor and major complications in robotic assisted urology surgery
  • Address the importance of a skilled robotic team and team efficiency in the operating room, including crucial knowledge on how robotic surgery affects the patient
  • Inspire both OR Nurses and RNFA´s in their daily work in the operating room to achieve a higher satisfaction and joy in their field of expertise

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Early fee deadline: 11 August 2021

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