A Q&A with Dr. Alessandro Larcher, chairman of the Junior ERUS

A Q&A with Dr. Alessandro Larcher, chairman of the Junior ERUS

We spoke to Dr. Alessandro Larcher, who will be chairing this year’s Junior ERUS – YAU Meeting, part of ERUS-DRUS21 in Dusseldorf.

What are some highlights of this year’s Junior ERUS-YAU scientific programme?

The program will focus on some of the achievements of the group over the past months and on current hot topics in robot-assisted surgery. Specifically, we will hear about the state of the art in the field 3D anatomical models-based robotic surgery and we will host a session devoted to the new frontier of applications for robot-assisted surgery such as radical prostatectomy with single-site approach and robot-assisted kidney transplantation.

How does the Junior ERUS-YAU meeting help beginning robotic urologists?

We have designed our scientific program to support young urologists at the beginning of their career in any potential needs. For example, from a clinical point of view we will present and discuss in a friendly atmosphere multiple surgical scenarios that might challenge those who are at the start of their learning curve. From a scientific point of view we will discuss how to present fruitful grant applications to successfully plan clinical research in robot-assisted surgery.

Can you tell us why, among all of the EAU’s Section Meetings, does specifically ERUS have a “Junior” meeting? Is robotic urology a young (wo)man’s game?

Robotic surgery offers unique training opportunities relative to other kinds of urological surgery. The interaction with experts via table-assistance or dual console, and the constant availability of video-recording any surgical step are tremendous allies for junior surgeons. Owing to such opportunities, the ERUS Working Group on Education and the Junior ERUS paved the way for standardised training curricula that are implemented within certified centers. A specific lecture on the novel ERUS training paradigm and proficiency-based progression training will open the meeting.

  • Registration for the Junior ERUS – YAU meeting is currently open! If you also want to join the rest of the ERUS-DRUS21 meeting, special registration rates are available for young urologists, residents, medical students, etc.